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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

'Election Night in America' Wrap-Up

David Bohrman, CNN's Washington, D.C., bureau chief, and CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein watch the monitors. Photo courtesy of CNN
What an amazing job CNN did covering Election Day 2008. The Best Political Team on Television outdid themselves working long hours with spectacular results. The new technology was beyond anything I'd ever seen, Although it has been, and I'm sure will continue to be, mocked I think we have glimpsed the future of broadcasting. As someone mentioned in ATA's comments, maybe someday we will have hologram newscasters appear in our homes to deliver the news.

Screengrab courtesy of CNN
What do you say to a hologram? Wolf was unflappable as usual and quipped "Jessica, you're a terrific hologram, thank you so much".

Anderson Cooper had to test drive the new 'beam me down' technology also. Here's his interview with Black Eyed Peas frontman, an Obama supporter, who was in Grant Park in Chicago.

screengrabs courtesy of CNN
Not to be outdone by the Wolfman and AC, John King had his own new technology......the virtual Capital. On it's first appearance it crashed but the second attempt was a resounding success.

photos courtesy of CNN

Soledad O'Brien and Bill Schneider again brought us the exit polling results, this time around with the aid of a brand new, spiffy analysis board. The touchscreens of the Voter Analysis Center showcased exit-polling data simultaneously from all 50 states with demographic comparisons. By using two 103-inch interactive plasma screens, they were able to display a state-by-state breakdown of polling data according to any number of demographic and political groups.

And not all the CNN action was confined to the NYC studios. They also hosted an Election Day viewing party at Times Square.
photos courtesy of Jacob Silberberg/Getty Images/CNN

It was a memorable night, an historic night and a night that CNN chronicled as only they can.

Until next week. ~Phebe

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