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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eliot Spitzer

In case you haven't been watching The Arena, 8PM ET weeknights on CNN, here's a clip from Eliot Spitzer's interview on Monday night with Alan Simpson, Co-Chair, President Deficit Commission.

This past weekend Spitzer was also a panel member on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO, Friday's 10PM ET/PT.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Anonymous said...

CNN is backing the Ryan plan and not even
discussing what it does to Medicare or what
it does to the middle class. CNN is already
attacking President Obama and we have not
heard what the man wants to do. Ryan is
being given a free pass by CNN and others
in the media. I am glad that Rachel Maddow
is calling the media out. CNN is just so tied
to the right wing it is pathetic. Boycott.

Anonymous said...

CNN has hitched their wagon to conservatives and the Tea Party and they are working hard to make sure they put their agenda forward and minimize and denigrate the Obama Administration. This might sound like paranoia at work, but I've been watching them over the last year or so gradually turning to the right, mainly because they're hoping to pick up Fox viewers (never gonna happen). It's not only apparent on their news programs, but on where they do polls with leading questions regarding sympathy for the Confederacy. Why is something like that even needed? It's as if they're trying to create news that has a certain right wing slant and favorability to it. The undeserved fawning over Paul Ryan's ridiculous budget proposal is a good example. If Fox does this type of thing, it's understandable, but CNN is supposed to remain neutral and it's rather unnerving to watch what they're doing these days to cater to the right while proclaiming to be the "balanced" news channel.

Anonymous said...

President Obama has been rather successful.
No matter what CNN says. I think CNN is just
trying to get republicans to watch for the
debates. There will be no democratic debates
so the ratings for those debates are not going
to be that good. Somehow CNN thinks they
can pivot once there is a presidential campaign.
One problem with that : the viewers you turn
off might not come back. When you have Jack
Cafferty asking should people have to take a
citizenship test to vote,you definitely got some
issues. Given this country's history, why would
you do that ? Americans need to vote more not

Anonymous said...

Jack Cafferty's question, Should people take a citizenship test to vote, is in response to the general population's lack of knowledge or lack there of, and it is a good question.
I say they need to take an IQ test before they vote.
People make stupid choices and continually vote AGAINST their own interests.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

April 22. I absolutely agree with he Archbishop in England regarding the need for those in power to experience the plight of the"middle and lower class subjects" in any nation. However, I have been advocating for several decades that all elected officials in the USA should be required to spend at least 4 to 6 weeks each year of their various recess periods working as a commoner US citizen - flip hamburgers, dig a good ditch, clean restrooms, work in a nursing home caring for patients, etc. I believe such a program would do much to cure Potomac Fever.